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Invest In Yourself With Specialty Tires

20 September 2017
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The tires that you choose to put on your car can have good and bad consequences. Unfortunately for most people the most dangerous activity each day is dropping your car into drive and heading down the road. It is truly scary to think that there were over 40,000 deaths caused by car accidents in the year 2016. The scary thing about this statistic is that it does not include those that were injured. A major part of your car control and safety is the tires that you choose to put on your car. Here are a few different tires that you should know about:

Summer Tires

The majority of the time that you spend on the road is likely to be during good road conditions. Having good road conditions does not necessarily mean that you are going to be able to maintain good control over your vehicle. So, you want to improve the traction and control that you have over your car in good driving conditions. A good set of summer tires will be made of hard rubber, but have a soft outer layer that heats up and becomes sticky. This sticky layer will help you gain the most control over your car.

Winter Tires

One of the scariest times to be driving is through the snow, sleet, or icy conditions that can be so prevalent. It is during times like these that you need the best tires possible to maintain control over your car. Winter tires are designed specifically to give you the most traction possible in these conditions. To do so they will often have small studs or micro crystals infused into the soft rubber. This allows the tires to flex and gives maximum contact to the bad roads. The soft rubber and studs or micro crystals can truly be life savers.


If you will be taking your vehicle off road you will want to get a set of off-road tires to give your traction a boost. These tires will always have deep wide tread to give you maximum traction in the loose dirt, but also allow for the velocity of the wheel to throw the sediment out of your tire tread.

Do not make the mistake of only having one set of tires for all conditions. If you get specialty tires for the different conditions you encounter you will have the most traction that you possibly can have. Contact local tire stores for more information and assistance.