The Weather Outside Is Frightful! 3 Reasons You're Going To Need Winter Tires On Your Car

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The Weather Outside Is Frightful! 3 Reasons You're Going To Need Winter Tires On Your Car

2 October 2017
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Fall will be over before you know it. Do you have your winter tires on yet? If you don't, you're taking chances with your driving safety. The first snow might be several weeks away, but that doesn't mean the winter weather hasn't started to kick up. If you wait any longer, you may get stuck in an early storm, and not have the maneuverability you need to drive safely. That's why it's so important that you switch to your winter tires before the first official winter storm arrives. If this will be your first time driving in treacherous winter weather, and you don't think you'll need different tires, you need to think again. Here are just three of the reasons why your car does need winter tires.

Better Grabbing Power in the Rain

If you've ever driven through a torrential rain storm, you know how difficult it is to maintain control of your car once it begins to hydroplane. One cause for the hydroplaning is the type of tires you have on your car. You see, ordinary tires have tread that is designed for warm weather operation. The tread is closer together, which prevents for the proper dispersal of water. While ordinary tires are fine for warm weather rain storms, for the most part, they're going to fall short during winter rain storms when the water is freezing. Winter tires have deeper tread, and ridges that are separated to allow water to move away from the center of the tire. This allows for better grabbing power during a freezing rain storm.

Better Stability on Black Ice

Speaking of grabbing power, you really need it when driving on black ice. Just one patch of black ice can send you sliding across the road. If you have ordinary, warm-weather tires on your car, you're going to continue sliding until you come in contact with something. Because winter tires have those deep ridges, they'll grab onto the black ice, and allow you to regain control quicker, and easier.

Better Control Through the Snow

If you're going to be driving in snow on a regular basis this winter, you need those winter tires. Most new cars have wider tires, which don't do well in the snow. You end up trying to push your way through the snow, instead of gliding through it. Winter tires are thinner, and more durable,which allows your car to go through the snow without losing out on valuable traction.

Don't try to make it through winter with your ordinary, warm-weather tires. Switch to dedicated winter tires to ensure a safer driving experience.